Messages of Support

P&O Australia

"P&O Australia is proud to assist the important work of the Royal Humane Society of New South Wales. As a company with a strong maritime history P&O has witnessed calamity and great acts of heroism in its 160 years. P&O Australia's support for the Royal Humane Society continues our company's tradition of recognising courage and bravery, both at sea and on land."



"NRMA has supported the Royal Humane Society (RHS) of New South Wales since 1995.  Our support for the RHS's awards for bravery in saving human life is consistent with our ethos of HELP in emergencies which relate to homes and cars.

NRMA applaud the contribution the Royal Humane Society makes in recognising and awarding the amazing acts of bravery made by "ordinary" people."

Lee Ungaro
NRMA Insurance