Society Awards

The Society's awards are the Galleghan Award, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal, Certificate of Merit, Letter of Commendation and the Sir Neville Pixley Book Award.

With the permission of the New South Wales Government, the obverse of the medals includes part of the Arms of the State of New South Wales, surrounded by the name of the Society. The reverse of the medal exhibits a Civic Wreath, which was the Roman reward for saving life, with the words, "Awarded to…………………for Bravery". The name of each medal winner and the date of the act of bravery is engraved on the reverse of the medal. The medal is also numbered on its edge to indicate the consecutive number of the award by the Society.

The ribbon for all medals is light blue with a strip of dark blue on either side.

The Certificate of Merit is a scroll bearing the Arms of the State of New South Wales. It is inscribed with the recipient's name and signed by the President, Chairman and Secretary.

Wearing of Medals and Ribbons

Recipients of Medals are entitled to wear the medal or ribbon (as appropriate) on the right breast.  When only the ribbon is worn, a silver or bronze star emblem is worn centrally on the ribbon to denote the class of medal awarded to the wearer.  Such wearing is officially authorized for the members of all uniformed services.

The Society does not provide duplicate medals.  Lost or stolen medals may be replaced only to the recipient after an appropriate investigation.

Miniature medals are available for purchase from the Society.