2015-2016 Recipients & Citations

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ADONIS Mr. Romeo Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2015
6 AXIA Mr. Marcus Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2015
4 DANIELL, Mr. Nicholas Alexander Silver Medal 2016-05 14 Sep 2015
2 Identity Protected, Master (14) Sir Neville Pixley Book Award 2016-02 17 Nov 2015
6 MALONE, Mr. Dennis Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2015
6 MAHER, Mr. Dennis Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2015
6 McPHERSON Mr. Damien Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2015
4 HIDAYAT, Mr. Hidayat Silver Medal 2016-05 14 Sep 2015
5 HUGHES Retained Firefighter Troy Bronze Medal 2016-06 17 Jul 2015
6 LEE Mr. Grant Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2015
1 ROGERS, Mr. Darren Silver Medal & Galleghan Award 2016-01 9 Feb 2015
6 SAYERS, Mr. Glenn Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2016
6 STINTON Constable Darren Bronze Medal 2016-07 17 Jul 2016
4 SMITH, Mr. Ivan Silver Medal 2016-05 14 Sep 2015
3 VOGELSANG, Senior Constable Rolf Heinrich Bronze Medal 2016-03 12 Dec 2009

1. 2016-01


Mr. Darren ROGERS

For his actions in rescuing a male following a shark attack at Shelley Beach, Ballina, NSW (2478) on Monday 9 February 2015 at approximately 10.00am

On Monday 9 February 2015 Mr Tadashi Nakahara (Age 41) surfing with six other surfers was attacked by a 4.2 metre Great White Shark at Shelly Beach, Ballina.

The shark swam under some of the surfers and attacked Mr Nakahara who was paddling out to catch another wave.  The shark took both Mr Nakahara’s legs and part of the back board.

Most of the surfers, including Darren ROGERS, quickly made their way to shore. The two closest to Mr Nakahara went to his rescue (one either side) and they tried to paddle back to the rocks.  Darren ROGERS saw that they were having difficulty and noticed Mr Nakahara’s head was leaning right back into the water, so he swam back to the rescuers and supported Mr Nakahara’s head.  The shark was still in the area at the time.

Darren ROGERS then carried Mr Nakahara’s body to the beach. With the help of another surfer proceeded to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation while the other rescuers secured their leg ropes around Mr Nakahara’s severed legs.  Mr Nakahara died in Mr Rogers arms while he was performing the resuscitation prior to the arrival of the Ambulance.

2. 2016-02


Master Identity Protected (14)

On Tuesday 17 November 2015 a gentleman (Age 66) who had a known heart condition suffered a heart attack as a result of concreting a large slab in the rear of his property.

Master  Identity Protected (14) contacted 000 and then administered CPR on the victim for approximately 35 minutes before the Paramedics arrived.  The victim was stabilised and conveyed to a regional hospital for treatment.

3. 2016-03


Senior Constable Rolf VOGELSANG

For his actions in rescuing a number of elderly residents from a block of units at Bonner Street, Kelso NSW 2795 on 12 December 2009.

Police attended a fire at a block of units at Bonner Street, Kelso, NSW 2795 on 12 December 2009. During the initial stages of the fire Senior Constable VOGELSANG entered the burning and smoke filled units to alert and successfully remove five elderly residents from danger. He woke the residents, helped them out of the building and escorted them to a safe location.

A short time later, using garden hoses in an attempt to stop the fire from spreading Senior Constable VOGELSANG saw 71 year old Gary WOOD go back into unit 11 which was on fire and full of smoke.

Despite the danger to himself Senior Constable VOGELSANG re-entered the unit and physically removed the struggling man from the premises.

Whilst undertaking this action he sustained injury in the form of smoke inhalation for which he was treated by ambulance officers once they were on the scene.

4. 2016-05


Mr Ivan SMITH.
Mr Hidayat HIDAYAT.
Mr Nicholas Alexander DANIELL



For their actions in rescuing the driver and passenger from a burning vehicle that had crashed into a petrol station at Armidale NSW 2350 on 14 September 2015.

A call was received by the Armidale Fire Brigade at 1340 hours to a motor vehicle accident and fire at the Caltex petrol station corner of Barney and Marsh Sts Armidale. Fire was extending from the front of the vehicle several metres into the air over the bowser and impinging the awning of the service station.

NSW Fire & Rescue reported two persons were rescued from the motor vehicle, an elderly couple, the driver and his wife who had been pulled from the burning vehicle by civilians prior to the arrival of the Brigade. Both suffered shock and minor abrasions and were cared for by civilians then FRNSW personnel prior to the arrival of the Ambulance.

Footage of the incident recorded by a witness and later used on Prime Television news, clearly shows those involved in rescuing the elderly couple were confronted by a large fire in what must have seemed an extremely dangerous situation, i.e. a petrol station, and yet (as can be seen) they did not hesitate to rush in and extricate the couple from the car.

Mr. Ivan SMITH

Upon hearing the crash Mr SMITH rushed from his work at the Abbotsleigh Motor Inn directly across the road. Ignoring pleas to be careful, rushed to the driver’s side of the vehicle and attempted to assist the driver away from the vehicle.

Due to the incapacity of the driver, who fainted during extrication. Mr SMITH was forced to drag him clear of the vehicle despite the proximity of intense radiant heat of fire and the fear that an explosion could occur at any moment which could endanger his life.

Mr Hidayat HIDAYAT

Upon hearing the crash of the motor vehicle Mr HIDAYAT, working at Black Jacks Cafe directly opposite, with selfless disregard for his own safety ran across the road to assist in removing the occupants of the vehicle. When he arrived at the vehicle Mr SMITH was in the process of removing the driver away from the vehicle and Mr HIDAYAT assisted him to do so. Mr HIDAYAT then went to assist Mr DANIELL to remove the female passenger away from the vehicle. During this time Mr HIDAYAT was confronted by the same dangerous conditions of radiant heat and potential serious or fatal injury as experienced by Mr SMITH.

Mr Nicholas Alexander DANIELL

Mr DANIELL, also working at Black Jacks Cafe, upon seeing the crash, proceeded immediately to the vehicle on fire.
On seeing the driver had released his seatbelt and seemed to be exiting the vehicle, proceeded to the passenger’s side of the vehicle where the elderly female passenger suffering shock, was unable to free herself.

Mr DANIELL managed to quickly get the lady out of the vehicle and carry her to safety, securing her from serious injury or death. During this time Mr DANIELL was confronted by the same dangerous conditions of radiant heat and potential serious or fatal injury as experienced by Mr SMITH and Mr HIDAYAT.


The attendant at the petrol station at the time of the crash was Mr Syed TASAWAR.  He promptly isolated all power to the bowsers and removed all persons from the petrol station area.

5. 2016-06


Retained Firefighter Troy HUGHES

For his actions in rescuing a trapped and injured female motorist following a motor vehicle accident on the Hume Highway near Holbrook NSW 2644 on 17 July 2015.

On the Hume Highway near Holbrook on the 17 July 2015 a motor vehicle crashed leaving the driver trapped in a burning car. Retained Firefighter Troy HUGHES, engaged in his primary employment at the time, saw the accident and at great personal risk, without any equipment rescued the trapped and seriously injured female motorist.

Having removed the female driver from the burning vehicle Troy HUGHES then delivered basic life support to her prior to the arrival of the Ambulance Service while at the same time having suffered an injury himself from the reported blast resulting from the vehicle fire.

6. 2016-07


Mr. Daniel MALONE
Mr. Dennis MAHER
Mr. Damien McPHERSON
Mr. Grant LEE
Mr. Glenn SAYERS
Mr. Marcus AXIA
Mr. Romulo ADONIS
Constable Darren SINTON

for the actions of seven work colleagues and a police officer in attempting to rescue a supervisor who was trapped in a stormwater drain in horrendous rain at Lucas Heights on 24 March, 2014.

At about 3pm on 24 March, 2014 Mr. Paul Smith, an operations supervisor at the SITA Waste Management Site in Lucas Heights, drowned due to immersion in stormwater while clearing a blocked drain in which he became trapped during a severe storm. The rainfall was described as torrential and horrendous.
The water continued to rise after Mr. Smith was sucked into the drain and subjected to a force of about 350 kgs equivalent. Despite desperate tugging by all the rescuers and the police officer’s use of a rope attached to an excavator, he could not be moved

Each one of the eight men risked his own life during the course of the efforts to save the deceased. All entered the silty stormwater at various stages of the attempted rescue. Each played a part. This included organised and individual tugging, holding up and emotional and physical support. They all risked sliding on the uneven surface, falling or being sucked under the deepening stormwater in atrocious conditions. The risk was aggravated by the trauma the horrific circumstances induced in the men.

Broadly the phases of the attempted rescue were, first, Daniel MALONE and then Dennis MAHER, holding the deceased’s head above water, seeking to provide both physical and emotional support to him in the rising water and attempting to extricate him. Then MAHER, Damien McPHERSON, Grant LEE, Glenn SAYERS and Romulo ADONIS attempted to pull the deceased free with coordinated tugging. The water level came up to their chins.

SAYERS and McPHERSON also attempted to divert water using an excavator and front end loader respectively. Thereafter Constable Darren SINTON arrived with a rope, aided by others particularly Marcus AXISA; he attempted to pull the deceased free.

Rescue efforts only ceased when it became clear that Mr. Smith was dead and it was not possible to save him.