2014-2015 Recipients & Citations

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BESWICK, Nathan Cert. of Merit 2014-09 3 Jan 2013
10 BUTTERWORTH, Steve Bronze Medal 2015-02 7 Dec 2014
13 CURRIE, Mervyn Henry Bronze Medal 1968-15A 12 Jan 1968
2 DUBOIS, Cameron Bronze Medal 2014-08 11 Dec 2013
2 JENSON, Aaron Bronze Medal 2014-08 11 Dec 2013
1 JOSEVSKI, Alexander Cert. of Merit 2014-07 22 Nov 2013
4 LOVE, Robert Bronze Medal 2014-06 16 Jan 2014
7 MIDDLETON, Ken Cert. of Merit 2014-05 27 Jan 2014
9 MORRIS Christian Jay (Age 8) Bronze Medal 2015-01 21 Dec 2014
12 PETERS, Jamie Cert. of Merit 2015-05 22 Aug 2012
5 RIAL, Mr Ian Bronze Medal 2014-10 3 Feb 2014
7 SAWYERS, Craig Bronze Medal 2014-05 27 Jan 2014
8 STREETER, Ian Silver Medal 2014-12 8 Mar 2013
1 WEBSTER, Travis (Age 12) Cert. of Merit 2014-07 22 Nov 2013
10 WESTWOOD, Sean Silver Medal 2015-02 7 Dec 2014
6 WHITE, David Allen Bronze Medal 2014-11 12 Nov 2012
11 WOOD, David Bronze Medal 2015-04 9 Feb 2013

1. Case 2014-07


Mr Alexander JOSEVSKI
Master Travis WEBSTER (Age 12)

for their actions in the rescue of two boys from floodwaters in Brady Park, Eagle Vale NSW 2558 on 22 November 2013.

At about 4:00 pm on Friday 22 November 2013 a severe storm hit the Macarthur Region. Large rainfall resulted in flash flooding at a Brady Park large storm water channel, creating a whirlpool of rubbish and debris gathering around the drain grating.

A lost dog caused two 12-year-old boys Lochlan PEDERSEN and Travis WEBSTER to enter the drain.  Due to the proximity near the drain and whirlpool, the current dragged them onto the steel grate into the centre of the whirlpool.  Surrounded by debris and rubbish in rising water they were unable to get out because of the strong current.

Standing on the grate Travis WEBSTER managed to propel Lochlan PEDERSEN enough distance away from the drain, to get free of the current. Travis WEBSTER was left stuck on top of the drain unable to free himself.

Alexander JOSEVSKI saw the two boys in the water waving for help.  After ringing triple 000 he ran down to the water’s edge. Lochlan PEDERSEN had freed himself but Travis WEBSTER was still in the middle of the flood waters.  Alexander JOSEVSKI waded about 10 metres into the floodwaters. Using a long branch which Travis WEBSTER was able to grab hold of he walked backwards pulling him to safety.

2. Case: 2014-08


Mr Cameron DUBOIS

for their actions in the rescue of a female driver from a burning vehicle on the Hume Highway, St Andrews NSW 2566 on 11 December 2013.

A serious motor vehicle accident occurred at about 3.20pm on Wednesday 11 December 2013 on the Hume Highway, St Andrews.  A Mazda sedan rolled over and came to a stop lying on the driver’s side. The sole occupant, a 50 year old female, was trapped in the vehicle when the front engine block caught on fire.

Passing motorists Cameron DUBOIS and Aaron JENSON stopped to render aid.  Despite the fire Cameron JENSON jumped on top of the car and began assisting the driver out.  With the assistance of Aaron DUBOIS they were able to pull the driver out of the vehicle where they rendered first aid until the Police and Ambulance arrived. 

The fire was extinguished by an unknown witness with a fire extinguisher.

3. Case: 2014-09



for his actions in rescuing a male from a rip at Port Kembla, NSW 2505 on 3 January 2013.

At approximately 3pm on Sunday 3 January 2013 three males got caught in a rip at Port Kembla.

While seated in his vehicle Mr Nathan BESWICK observed one of the males in distress being continuously swamped by large waves. 

Mr BESWICK took his surfboard from his vehicle, borrowed a pair of board shorts and paddled out in the dangerous, six metre plus surf, to rescue Liam Reynolds.

Using his surfboard as flotation Nathan BESWICK managed to keep Liam Reynolds above the water as they made their way back to shore. Fortunately the other two males had made it to shore without assistance.

4. Case: 2014-06


Mr Robert LOVE



for their actions in rescuing an 18-month-old baby girl from a house fire at Nowra NSW 2541 on 16 January 2014.

At about 8.24am on 16 January 2014, Mr Robert LOVE noticed smoke issuing from a house in Nowra while outside several people were congregating on the footpath.

Mr LOVE attempted to break open the front door to search for any occupants but  was driven back by heat and thick smoke.  Aware that a child was missing he then went to a front bedroom window and attempted to gain entry. He was able to place his head and torso through the window as two members of the public, Mr Adam SHUTZ and Mr Ben SMITH assisted by holding his feet.

In the bedroom Mr LOVE saw a child. He beckoned her to approach him and was able to grab her around the waist and move her to safety.  The child suffered mild smoke inhalation.  The house was completely destroyed by fire.

5. Case: 2014-10



for his actions in rescuing his male co-worker following a motor vehicle accident at River Road, Jingellic NSW 2642 on 3 February 2014.

At approximately 3:15 pm on 3 February 2014, Mr Ian RIAL and Mr Paul McPHERSON were involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Following a front end collision with another vehicle, the Nissan Patrol vehicle in which they were travelling rolled 7 times down a steep embankment and landed on its roof in a back water lagoon of the Murray River. 

Both men were injured. Despite his injuries Mr RIAL was able to free himself from his seat belt and exit the vehicle through the broken front windscreen. 

Mr McPHERSON was trapped by his seat belt and confined within the vehicle due to his injuries.   Outside the vehicle Mr RIAL released Mr McPHERSON’s seat belt and held his head above the water to help him breathe, saving him from drowning. 

Despite his injuries Mr Rial stayed with Mr McPHERSON keeping his head above water for some 2 to 3 hours. When rescue crews arrived they were able to descend the steep embankment and cut Mr McPHERSON from the wreckage.

6. Case: 2014-11


Mr David Allen WHITE

for his actions in the rescue of a female driver trapped inside her burning vehicle at Sassafras, NSW 2622 on 12 November 2012.

At about 9:20 am on Monday 12 November 2012 two vehicles collided at Braidwood Road, Sassafras, NSW 2622.  A small, eastbound passenger car driven by Mrs Trudy McNAMARRA-DOYLE collided with the westbound passenger 4WD, being driven by Mr David WHITE.

Emerging from his vehicle Mr WHITE and observed the female driver was trapped inside her vehicle, which had caught fire and was being engulfed in smoke and flames from the engine bay fire. The female driver was trapped by her injuries unable to exit the vehicle because her driver’s door was jammed closed.

Mr WHITE freed the lady head first through the driver’s window and carried her about 5 metres from the car to a safe location.  He returned to the vehicle to check for any other occupants. By this time the fire had increased in intensity and smoke had engulfed the car’s interior.

The female driver advised that her dog was in the car. Mr WHITE put his head through the driver’s window and observed the dog was alive but incapacitated. The passenger side door was jammed and the dog was not able to be saved.

With the heat from the fire intensifying Mr WHITE commenced moving the female driver to a safer location. In this action he endured a physical assault from another passing motorist who did not agree with him moving the injured driver to a further place of safety.

Mr WHITE provided assistance and first aid treatment until the Ambulance, Fire and Police officers arrived at the scene.

7. Case: 2014-05







for their actions in rescuing a male from a house fire at Eschol Park, NSW 2558 on 27 January 2014.

At about 8.20pm on Monday 27 January 2014, Mr Craig SAWYERS and his wife Mrs Cathy SAWYERS saw smoke coming from a house opposite at 29 Cabernet Ave, Eschol Park.  Mr SAWYER made his way across the street while his wife rang 000. 

Mr SAWYER knocked on the door with no response. He climbed through a window above the garage because he thought the sole 60-year-old occupant of the premises might still be inside.  Once inside he opened the front door and proceeded down the hallway. He found the occupant reaching into the bath attempting to extinguish the fire.  Mr SAWYER dragged the man from the bathroom and commenced leading him out of the house. Turning  to get his bearings in the smoke the man broke free trying to get back to the bathroom. 

Mr Sawyers managed to get hold of the man again. Joined by Mr Ken MIDDLETON and they succeeded in getting the man to the front door where they were joined by Mr Steven MIDDLETON and Mr Robert MIDDLETON.  It took the combined force of these four to get the man to the front lawn and prevent him from returning to the house.

With the man safely out of the house, Mr SAWYERS re-entered with a garden hose in an attempt to extinguish the fire, but as he applied water the fire took hold and he was forced out by the black toxic smoke and subsequent heat.

The rescued man suffered burns to both arms, head and probable airway burns. The NSW Fire and Rescue subsequently extinguished the fire.

8. Case: 2014/12



for his action in the rescue of a female attempted self-harm at the Avalon Headland, Avalon NSW 2107 on 8 March 2013.

At about 11pm on Friday 8 March 2013, Mr Ian STREETER was sitting on his balcony when he heard a female shouting and screaming with items being smashed in a nearby unit.  He then saw a female jump off the first floor balcony and run towards the cliff face.

Mr STREETER ran downstairs observing the female’s male companion running after her.  The woman jumped off the first 3 metre ledge, slid down the side of the slippery rock face and stopped at the bottom of a one metre wide, rocky ledge with a 10 to 15 metres drop directly to rocks below.  Mr STREETER went to the ledge and witnessed the two struggling. The woman was trying to break the hold of her male companion in an attempt to jump off the cliff.

Mr STREETER leapt over the safety barrier, slid down the ledge located 3 metres below where he grabbed hold of the woman’s legs.  Mr STREETER continued to hold onto the woman who was struggling to break the male companion’s grip on her. It took the police about 5 minutes to arrive at the scene. During this time the woman, had she succeeded, would probably have destroyed herself and her male companion. Mr Streeter’s continued intervention prevented this probable tragedy.

9. Case: 2015/01


Christian Jay MORRIS (Age 8)


Scott James BEATTIE

for their actions in rescuing a 6 year old male child from the bottom of a swimming pool at Panania NSW 2213 on 21 December 2014.

Following a Christmas party held at a common pool at a complex at Panania the children and parents vacated the pool area.  An hour or so later some of the more competent swimmers re-entered the pool and the adults remained at the pool area with a clear vision of the pool.

A 6 year old boy, unable to swim without floaties, re-entered the pool area without the adults seeing him. Once in the water he went to the bottom of the pool. 

Mr Christian MORRIS saw the boy at the bottom of the poll. He dived in, swam across the pool where dived down to the bottom. Grabbing the boy he brought him up to the surface where he held the lads head above the water with one hand while holding onto the side of the pool with the other arm.  In the deep water he called for help but kept slipping. Attempting to get a better grip on the side of the pool Christian MORRIS let himself sink to the bottom of the pool while he pushed Lachlan’s head up out of the water. He jumped from the bottom of the pool so he could reposition himself and call for help again.

Finally the adults then heard Christian MORRIS’s cries for help and noticed the Lachlan was unconscious. Mr. Andrew DIVAN who also lived in the complex pulled pulled the limp unresponsive boy, blue in colour, not breathing from the water.

Another neighbour Mr Scott BEATTIE was able to perform four rounds of CPR prior to Ambulance, Paramedics and the Careflight crew arrived on the scene.  The boy taken to hospital and made a full recovery.

10. Case: 2015/02





for their actions in rescuing a female from a rip at Short Point, Merimbula NSW 2548 on 7 December 2014.

Checking the surf conditions on Sunday 7 December 2014 Mr. Sean WESTWOOD and Mr. Steve BUTTERWORTH noticed a women in trouble in the water where flooded creeks had just been opened to the sea.  On surfboards they went to her aid, paddling through murky and churning water with her disappearing from sight numerous times.

While they managed to locate her about 100 metres out to sea and secure her to the surf board, they were being pulled further out by the rip.

It took a further 20 minutes for Sean WESTWOOD, assisted by Steve BUTTERWORTH, to get the woman onto his board and paddle out of the rip back to the safety of the beach.

11. Case: 2015/04


David WOOD

for his actions in attempting to rescue a male diver 55 metres below sea level, east of Barrenjoey Head, Palm Beach NSW 2108 on 9 February 2013.

Diving approximately 7 nautical miles east of Barrenjoey Head, NSW in the Tasman Sea on 9 February 2013 Mr GRAY (40 years old) was instructing two experienced divers David WOOD and Martin LUKAC using close-circuit re-breathing apparatus to dive on the wreck of the SS Tuncurry

A malfunction in the re-breathing apparatus instigated Mr GRAY to suffer oxygen toxicity, causing him convulsions at approximately 55 metres below the surface.  Neither Mr WOOD nor Mr LUKAC were able to re-insert his breathing regulator due to Mr GRAYS’s jaw becoming locked as a result of oxygen toxicity.

Both men realized unless Mr GRAY reached the surface quickly, he would drown,  but knew that surfacing quickly would result in decompression illness (the bends). Martin LUKAC tried to inflate unconscious Mr GRAY’s buoyancy vest without success.   David WOOD accompanied Mr GRAY to the surface to ensure that he would have his head face up and have a chance of being resuscitated.  As a result Mr WOOD suffered the bends and had to spend approximately 5 hours in a recompression chamber in the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Unfortunately Mr GRAY was unable to be saved.

12. Case: 2015/05




Detective Senior Constable Adrian N. GRAHAM

for their actions in rescuing a 14 month old male child from a partially submerged vehicle in the Macquarie River, Eglinton, Bathurst NSW 2795 on 22 August 2012.

Luke SCOTT was driving his Toyota Hilux across parkland at Abercrombie on 22 August 2012. His 14 month old son Ayden SCOTT secured in a child restraint in the nearside of the vehicle.

He drove the vehicle into the Macquarie River where the vehicle came off the rock bar, the front near side wheel then moved into deeper water causing the vehicle to roll.

The driver climbed into the rear seat to release the child, but as he did so the vehicle rolled completely over onto its roof and was approximately 75% submerged.

In the park at the time, Mr Jamie PETERS saw the vehicle roll and entered the water and attempted to remove the child from the restraint. He was unable to do so because the child was tangled up by the straps.  Jamie PETERS then took hold of the child and lifted his head clear of the water and commenced mouth to mouth resuscitation. 

Detective Senior Constable Adrian GRAHAM (NSW Police) responded a short time later. He entered the water, cut the straps freeing the child, and then moved him from the vehicle to the river bank.

The conscious child was treated by Ambulance personnel prior to being conveyed to Bathurst Base Hospital.

13. Case: 1968/15A


Mr Mervyn Henry CURRIE

for his actions in rescuing an 11 week old male child from a vehicle being washed down stream in the Stewart River, Johns River NSW (2443) on 12 January 1968.

On the evening of Friday 12 January 1968, Leslie John ATKIN, his wife Jillian ATKIN and their 11 week old son Grant Edward ATKIN were in their motor car towing a caravan enroute to Orange, NSW. At about midnight they reached a shallow causeway just outside the township of Johns River where there was water flowing over the road.  Mr ATKIN thought it was safe to drive slowly through the water, but a wall of water hit the right hand side of the car causing it to stall.  Leaving his wife and baby in the car, he was able to safely exit the vehicle and walk a short distance to the township of Johns River to seek help.  He sought assistance  from Mr Keith HYDE who quickly drove back to Mr ATKIN’s vehicle and they could see that the car and caravan were still partially submerged in the floodwaters.

As Mr ATKIN entered the now fast flowing floodwaters he saw his car and caravan begin to move sideways off the roadway. Before he could reach it, both vehicles had left the road, crashed through a fence and was floating away from the road towards a railway viaduct.  He could hear his wife screaming for help from the darkness. 

Mr HYDE and Mr ATKIN could hear Mrs ATKIN’s screams, but they could not see her until they caught sight of a torch light in the centre of the floodwaters.  Mr HYDE entered the floodwaters upstream using the swiftly flowing current to carry him towards Mrs ATKIN where he rescued her by dragging her through the still fast flowing water to dry land.

In 1969 Mr Keith HYDE was awarded a Bronze Medal and a Certificate of Merit

Mr Mervyn CURRIE, his sister and mother were on their way to Shepparton when they ran into extreme weather conditions.  They stopped at Johns Crossing and noticed the road was flooded. Mervyn CURRIE heard a lady calling out “Please save my baby” as her car was being washed downstream.  He was a strong swimmer. He waded through chest high water to reach her car. She asked him to take her baby to safety.   He waded back through the floodwaters and a strong current, carrying the baby above his chest.  He handed the baby to a lady who located the baby’s father.

Mr Grant ATKIN (the nominee) was the 11 week old child who was saved.