2005-2006 Recipients & Citations

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1. 2. Certificates of Merit

Lisa Stanley, Dulwich Hill

Michael Cantley, Croydon Park

for the rescue of a man from Sydney Harbour.

Working as a general hand on the vessel "Magistic II" at 5pm on 5 August 2004, Ms Stanley saw a man fall from the stern of the craft.

Ms Stanley and a colleague, Mr Cantley, jumped into the harbour and supported the unconscious man until they got him into a water taxi.

Ms Stanley and Mr Cantley performed CPR in the water taxi until the ambulance arrived at the wharf. The man made a full recovery.

3. Bronze Medal

Marion Gail Adams, Doyalson

for her actions during a house fire at Doyalson.

Visiting relatives on 26 July 2004 at about 4pm Mrs Adams saw a house on fire. At the scene a distraught woman was re-entering the burning house. Mrs Adams entered the ground floor of the smoke filled house with the woman to search for a missing child.

After assisting the woman from the house Mrs Adams saw the child at an upstairs window, where neighbours using a ladder tried unsuccessfully to rescue him.

Mrs Adams stayed at the scene and, under instruction, assisted the Fire Brigade in hosing the burning building.

4. Bronze Medal

David Robert O'Brien, Saratoga

5. Certificate of Merit

Luke Swinnerton, Saratoga

for their actions in the rescue of a six year old girl from a house fire at Saratoga.

On 21 November 2003 at about 1am Mr O'Brien and Mr Swinnerton ran to a serious house fire in their street. Mr O'Brien entered the burning house by smashing a window with an outdoor table. Through the smoke and flames Mr O'Brien pulled a child from the building. Mr Swinnerton assisted by protecting him from the broken glass of the window frame taking the child to safety.

Mr O'Brien used a surfboard to smash down the front door and re-entered the burning building to search for other occupants but was forced back by a massive wall of fire. Mr Swinnerton also entered the bottom storey of the building but was driven back by explosions and the collapse of the building.

6. Bronze Medal

Gregory Joyes, Wamberal

for his actions at the scene of a motorboat accident at Brooklyn.

On 3 August 2003 at 6:30pm a motorised catamaran travelling at approximately 25-30 knots on the Hawkesbury River hit a pylon of the Newcastle Freeway. Upon impact with the bridge the vessel flipped upside down and the driver of the vessel disappeared.

Mr Joyes went to the scene along with other vessels and the water police. An experienced diver, Mr Joyes made three dives under the vessel in murky waters but was unable to locate the missing man. A fisherman located the body of the driver one week later.

7. Silver Medal and Galleghan Award

Oguz (Alex) Taskun, Auburn

for his actions in the apprehension of a violent offender at Auburn.

As the result of an altercation in a home unit at Auburn at 8:30am on 19 April 2004 a man who had been stabbed ran into the street where his attacker pursued him armed with a knife. Mr Taskun who was on his way to work, confronted the attacker after he had stabbed the victim again, and after a struggle disarmed the offender. With bystander assistance Mr Taskun restrained the offender, secured the weapon and attended to the victim's wounds until the police and emergency services arrived.

8. Bronze Medal

Tyler Stephen Moon, Milton

for his actions in the rescue of his father after a quad bike accident on a property at Milton.

Following a quad bike accident in Croobyar State Forest at 8:30am on 8 May 2004 Tyler Moon (aged 7) and his father suffered multiple injuries.

Despite severe injuries father and son set out to walk approximately 2 kilometres for assistance. After his father collapsed at about half way from home, Tyler continued on his own even though his injuries included fractured ribs, collapsed lungs, a broken scapula and arm, and blood loss. Tyler eventually reached home, alerting his mother of the accident before he collapsed.

9. Certificate of Merit

William Woodward, Auckland, New Zealand

for the rescue of a man from the waters of Darling Harbour, Sydney.

On 18 May 2004 at about 2pm a swimmer in Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour got into difficulties. Mr Woodward grabbed a buoy and jumped into the water fully clothed. Mr Woodward then assisted the unconscious swimmer back to the boardwalk where police officers commenced CPR until the ambulance arrived.

Unfortunately the rescued man did not survive.

10. Bronze Medal

Leading Senior Constable Sean Francis Phillips, Lake Illawarra Local Area Command

for his actions at the scene of a shooting at Warrawong

During the afternoon of 22 June 2004 a man was shot and collapsed in a suburban street in Warrawong. Arriving at the scene Leading Senior Constable Phillips, under directions from the injured man, placed himself directly in the line of fire between the attacker, who was armed with a rifle, and the victim. Leading Senior Constable Phillips stayed with the now unconscious man until he could be moved safely under police protection into an ambulance.

11. Certificate of Merit

Chris Sutherland, Manilla

for his actions in assisting a man who was trapped in an overturned vehicle at Manilla.

At about 8:50pm on 5 August 2004 a motor vehicle left the roadway near Mandowa Bridge on the outskirts of Manilla, crashed down a steep embankment rolling over trapping the driver by his right arm underneath the vehicle's roof.

Mr Sutherland, dressed only in a shirt and boxer shorts, went to the scene where he supported the man's head preventing him from being submerged in the water. Due to difficult conditions, rescue operations took just over an hour. During these extremely cold conditions Mr Sutherland remained in the water assisting the injured driver. After the rescue Mr Sutherland was treated for mild hypothermia.

12. Certificate of Merit

Charles Thomas Walsh, Chipping Norton

for his actions at the scene of a motor vehicle fire at Chipping Norton.

On 26 January 2005 at about 7am Charles Walsh whilst walking at Chipping Norton came across a small vehicle that had crashed into the rear of a parked semi-trailer. Although the passenger had left the vehicle without assistance, with fire starting to engulf the crashed vehicle, Mr Walsh assisted the driver to exit the car. Shortly afterwards when the police arrived the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames.

13. Bronze Medal

Thomas Sethack, Mudgee

for his actions at the scene of a fire at a block of flats at Mudgee.

At about 1am on 11 March 2005, Thomas Sethack was alerted to a fire in an adjoining unit in his block of flats. Whilst emergency services were being contacted by another man, Mr Sethack assisted an elderly occupant from the burning unit and then woke another neighbour enabling him to evacuate the building safely. Mr Sethack and the other man made efforts to fight the fire until the police and fire brigade arrived.

Mr Todd Dunk received a Letter of Commendation for his actions during this incident.

14. Certificate of Merit

Garry Mitchell, Edans Landing, Queensland

for his actions at the scene of a heavy vehicle fire at Morono.

While travelling north on the Pacific Highway on 26 March 2005 at about 5:30pm Garry Mitchell noticed smoke issuing from the cabin of a parked heavy vehicle. After doing a u-turn to reach the parked semi-trailer Mr Mitchell had to wake the sleeping driver and assist him from the vehicle. Both Mr Mitchell and the driver were unable to save either the prime mover or the cargo on the trailer because of the rapid spread of flames.

15. 16. Bronze Medals

Leonhard John Ammann, Byabarra

Leslie James Calleja, Byabarra

for their actions at the scene of a motor vehicle accident and fire at Byabarra.

On 13 February 2005 at about 11:30am a vehicle travelling at high speed left the road and crashed at Byabarra. The impact caused fatal injuries to the passenger. Leonhard Ammann heard the crash from his property nearby and immediately ran to assist. The vehicle was on fire and the driver was unconscious and trapped by his feet. Mr Ammann and Mr Calleja, who had also arrived at the scene, eventually released the injured driver before the fire completely destroyed the vehicle. The driver was attended to by another passing motorist until emergency services arrived.

Joanne MacKenzie received a Letter of Commendation for her actions during this incident.

17. Bronze Medal

Luke Coleman, Lake Cathie

for the rescue of a woman trapped in an overturned and burning motor vehicle at Lake Cathie.

At about 8am on 22 December 2004 a vehicle crashed and overturned on a bridge at Lake Cathie. Due to damage caused to the undercarriage, a fire started and quickly spread to the interior of the vehicle.

The driver was having difficulty escaping from the overturned vehicle when Mr Coleman arrived on the scene. Ignoring advice from bystanders, Mr Coleman climbed onto the bridge railing and after some effort managed to pull the driver from the burning vehicle. After helping the driver to a safer area the vehicle was completely destroyed by fire.

Letters of Commendation

During the year, the following awards were also made:

Todd Dunk, Mudgee

Joanne MacKenzie, Byabarra

Declan Waight, Gosford